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Here's Aileen. Isn't she cute?  -Mickey





The large ceramic woman was sculpted by me in a college ceramics class.  She is the largest sculpture I've attempted, & on her chest it says "I'm becoming the woman I've wanted..."  She inspires me!  All the cards shown in this picture were sent to me by members of the NSRAK group.  Aren't they beautiful!?!






I have taken over the dining room of our house.  It is now my stamping room, which is fine by me 'cause we always eat in front of the TV anyway! LOL!  This room has lots of light, and the table is a nice size for stamping.






I like to display the work of other stampers to give me inspiration.  The altered Altoid tins in this picture are the work of three talented artists from the Stampsmith Yahoo Group.  From left to right, the artists are: Elaine Akers, Char Brickner, and Linda Eustace.  The beautiful bronze tiger domino was created by the Web-mistress of this site -- the talented Mickey N.  I love this domino!






As you can see, my cats are very involved in the creative process.  They are always "helping me" with my stamping.  The Iris Carts in this photo store stamps, grouped into drawers by theme. 







The pic on the left shows a close up of my unmounted stamp storage.  I keep my UM's in ring binders, they I temporarily mount them on acrylic blocks using cling vinyl.  The pic on the right is a beautiful item sent to me by Jocelyn D. of the NSRAK group.  She got it for me in Cyprus, and it is a talisman used to ward off the "Evil Eye."  It hangs right above my stamping table & gives me lots of inspiration...







I love this over-the-door hanger! It has over 100 little pockets to store charms, UMs, ribbon, and other tiny embellishments.  I use the bookshelf to organize my stamping magazines, catalogs, and swap cards.  The woman in the picture is my mother in law, Darlene.  She is very supportive of my stamping addiction, so I keep a photo of her nearby.  :)






Both of these photos give a better view of the Iris Carts I use to store my stamps.  I  use the small orgaziner to store Pearl Ex, Radiant Pearls, Mono-Adhesive, & other stamping necessities.  Thanks so much to Mickey for sharing my pics! 



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