Alice's Space



I covered my walls with fabric, made my curtains, covered my desk chair, and made a skirt for my desk.  I have many plastic containers for paper and my cabinets sitting on the table hold stamps.  Inside the closets are more supplies, in rolling plastic containers.


The office desk chair, was orange in it's previous life.  Remember when microwaves were as big as a refrigerator?  Here is what I did with and old micro cart.



I used an old kitchen table and microwave cart, as work space They are painted and sealed.  Under the table is a coffee table that acts as another shelf.  Plastic containers hold all my paper.



This is an Antique desk with a very dressed up skirt, white and frilly with a black ribbon and bow, tinny black buttons down the front. I decorated my lampshade with left over fabric from the curtains. 



Can you see the large button on my computer screen? This is computer central, with a view.


Did you guess what room we are in?  This is called my Bath and Craft, it is all in one end of my bathroom.



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