Mickey's Space



I am blessed to finally have a space of my own for my stamping, reading, painting, and writing. I prefer to have a minimalist look, but it's just so dang inconvenient to have all my stuff behind doors, so I've had to get used to the "stuff" all in view. It makes for easier stamping and saves on precious stamping time...






I have two old recliners given to me by my parents when they upgraded their furniture, and I love them. The hardware is going, so they're a little wobbly, but hopefully my husband will be able to fix that. (I'm not holding my breath!). I've found that if I have comfortable seating by my stamping area, I get more visitors while I'm stamping!






I've also talked my husband, Brad, into making me some bookshelves for my beloved library. Right now it's packed away in boxes and I'd much rather have my books out where I can see them and look forward to reading them! We've only got one shelf up so far because the lumber is so expensive (this pine shelf cost fifty bucks). I'm hoping to have the whole wall covered with books by spring...It also makes for a great place to sit and go through my stamping magazines for inspiration...The storage boxes on the bottom shelf are for my daughter's toys. I need to have distractions for her so she doesn't continually bug me to let her stamp. Stamping with a 3-year-old can be frustrating!






I had read somewhere that you could use yard sticks to make great rubber stamp shelves, but after making one, the yard sticks were way too flimsy to hold the weight of the stamps and needed a lot of support. Next time I make one, I'll just buy thicker wood for the shelves and put in less support pieces...It was a good idea in theory because the width of the yard sticks are perfect for stamps...Live and learn I guess...As you can see, I'm already needing another one. My cousin has her stamping room in a closet and has a floor to ceiling shelf like this one. It's awesome. Remember...you will always need more space then you originally plan for!






Surround yourself with things you like, even though they have nothing to do with stamping. A happy stamper is a successful stamper! My mother-in-law was in Italy (I've always dreamed of going some day) and brought back this beautiful watercolor for me. I love watercolors too. And the bear water fountain soothes my spirit.






Okay. I know this one's a little strange. But I've never been accused of running with the crowd! I love America, and I love the "Alien" movies, so I combined the two here...I'm sure most of you wouldn't do this, but maybe you have a special stuffed animal from your childhood or a doll given to you from a loved one? Anything that makes you smile inside...






Another of my favorites. I have "The Accolade" by Edward Blair Leighton, hanging over my reading chair to inspire me.  I'm trying to find the time to research and write a fantasy novel! Oh, soooo much to do, with so little time!!!


Thanks for taking the time to look!


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