Susan's Space




Open cabinet door shows how I store miscellaneous things such as re-inkers, foils, glues, etc.  All contents are easily visible and easily reached.

My mounted stamps are stored in cigar boxes and clear shoe boxes in alpha order.  I have a notebook of all the images in this same order.  I can flip through my notebook easily to find the image I want.





The pink chest houses embossing tools, powders and smaller scraps of paper.  The tall one holds specialty papers, punches, decorative scissors, etc.

I attached a small piece of pegboard to the legs of my table to hold my Rollagraph supplies (out of the way, takes up no additional space and is easily accessible).





A place to read current rubber stamp magazines – surrounded by a few of my favorite things (grandma’s doily, my 1st quilting attempt, etc.).




At my small desk I can spread out even further.  All stamp pads and the OTT-lite are within easy reach of both work spaces.





This 6’ table fits nicely in my 9 x 10 room.  It gives me plenty of room on top for items used all the time as well as room underneath for a paper shelf on wheels that can be rolled out for either workspace.  This cozy space fits my stamping needs  (comfort, no more need for wild searches and easy accessibility).  Won’t you come stamp with me?  Thanks for visiting!


Susan is from New Jersey. Thanks Susan for sharing your fun space!


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